Rebecca DaneseArtist, Photographer, Writer
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Rebecca Danese is a writer, photographer and artist living and working in London. 

She writes adult fiction under her nom de plume, 'Rebecca Hardy'.

She uses a selection of Nikon cameras and lenses and writes technical articles for the photographic industry. Having worked in commercial design for some years, many of her photographs appear in promotional items for small businesses, but in 2008 she began to turn her hand to more private work including travel, street photography and particularly macro.

Writing since an early age she has now published four of her own books: The Tree Children, a young readers novella, and Divided by Magic, a Young Adult romantic fantasy trilogy. They can be bought on Kindle and in paperback through Amazon. 

Writing as Rebecca Hardy, her debut adult historical fiction novel The House of Lost Wives, was published by Headline Accent in October 2022, and her second, The Merchant's Daughter, in 2023.

As an artist she works in several mediums and in various sizes, from miniature paintings up to full scale canvas paintings. Her illustrations can be found in poetry books and her paintings can be found in private collections all over London.